Tape | Dust Containment

As the lead supplier of construction equipment, we carry the largest supply of duct tape, perfect to get any job done. We carry the best brands in the industry, including Masking, Duct, Ram Board, Gaffers and Blue painters tape.

Masking Tape: Used for non-damageable surfaces such as vinyl, carpet and wood, masking tape has a high adhesion level for production painting. Save yourself time and money by purchasing multiple rolls at a time. Our masking tape is available at 24 polls per case. Even though the tape has a high-adhesive level, it is able to peel off the surface easily.

Duct Tape: Nashua brand professional-grade duct tape is used for more serious projects, such as hanging and patching polyethylene sheeting, duct sealing and other HVAC uses. This high-grade adhesive tape is used for irregular surfaces and is curl resistant. After completion of a project, duct tape is easy to take off.