Kontrol Kube TopSider Mobile Dust Containment System

Kontrol Kube TopSider Mobile Dust Containment System

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To safely perform the maintenance and operation function within a building containing hazardous materials, or simply to keep dust out of the work environment, you must have some method of safe access to the contaminated area. 


    The Kontrol Kube TopSider eliminates the need for most disposable barrier materials and dramatically reduces labor cost for building containment. The TopSider can be set up in just minutes and then moved quickly and easily from site to site without removing tools, ladder and equipment. The Kontrol Kube TopSider ceiling and wall access module is designed to function as a vital element of any well-planned operations and maintenance program. 


    • Aluminum Frame Assembly (#6540)
    • Solid Locking Universal Wheel Base (#6543)
    • 10 Foot Heavy Duty Enclosure (#6544)


    • Increase Worker Productivity
    • Reduce Labor Costs
    • Eliminate Expensive Barrier Materials
    • Improve Patient Outcomes
    • Simplify ICRA process


    • Max Height w/Base: 10 ft.
    • Max Height w/o Base: 9ft. 3 in.
    • Min. Height: 8 ft.
    • Width: 30 in.
    • Length: 60 in.
    • Windows: 2 – 19”x41”
    • Side Access Doors: 2 – 45”x90”
    • End Access Doors: 1 – 22”x90”
    • Ceiling Access: Yes
    • 12” Diameter Portal: Yes
    • 4” Diameter Portal: Yes
    • Enclosure Material: Fire Rated Nylon Reinforced Vinyl

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